How do I Choose the Best Weight Loss Hypnosis Program?

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Hypnotherapy is an altered state of conscious where individuals become susceptible to suggestions from a hypnotherapist. For those looking to lose weight, this power of suggestion may be useful for increasing willpower and breaking away from bad eating habits that stop weight loss progress. Not all hypnosis programs are useful, however. To make hypnosis a functional tool for weight management, you should take advantage of a weight loss hypnosis program using a qualified hypnotherapist and delivered in an appropriate format.

One of the most important criteria determining the effectiveness of a weight loss hypnosis program is the knowledge of the hypnotherapist. The best programs are lead by medical doctors or licensed healthcare practitioners who pass professional-level hypnotherapy programs. Credentials from a reputable professional hypnosis program also indicate that these individuals have received the appropriate training and supervision necessary for conducting hypnosis sessions.

These advanced hypnotherapy programs also ensure hypnotherapists are trained in medically approved hypnosis techniques. These include practices that encourage positive self-talk and help individuals build self-esteem and self-confidence. Positive behavior modification tools teach individuals the motivations behind their over-dependence on food and helps them to understand the emotional factors that lead to overeating.


The form in which the weight loss hypnosis program is delivered can also indicate how useful the plan might be. Most licensed hypnotherapists can be found in private practices or at hypnosis centers where they treat a variety of conditions, from smoking to stress management, with hypnosis. Coaching sessions are usually offered for several weeks or months to treat weight loss. In-person sessions are often combined with customized take-home audio tapes that reinforce the lessons learned. Group sessions may also be used.

Though dangerous side effects associated with a weight loss hypnosis program are rare, the use of a knowledgeable hypnotherapist will help ensure the best possible results. A hefty dose of skepticism may also help you look out for programs that indicate hypnosis is a magic weight loss bullet or promise drastic results in only one or two sessions. Though books, videos, and seminars are used in hypnosis, licensed hypnotherapists are less likely to rely too much on such methods.

Some hypnosis programs attempt to help you retrain negative eating habits through a self-directed design without the use of a trained hypnotherapist. Audio tapes and online hypnosis courses are typically found in such self-hypnosis programs. Though these methods may be less expensive, they are often designed by hypnotherapist laypersons who have little legitimate medical knowledge. Many experts consider such programs to be unreliable.

Those choosing to use a weight loss hypnosis program to improve their health should be aware that there is no definite proof that the process works. Even though some scientific literature supports the use of hypnosis for behavior management, weight loss appears to be driven by an individual's drive to lose weight rather than by any special powers of suggestion. Hypnosis used in conjunction with a diet and exercise plan appears to provide more benefits than hypnosis alone.



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