How do I Choose the Best Wedding Disc Jockey?

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Many professional disc jockeys promote their availability for weddings and other special occasions, but a good wedding disc jockey does more than provide dance music for the wedding reception. A wedding disc jockey can also be responsible for providing appropriate background music for the entire wedding service, from the first prelude to the last slow dance between the groom and bride. A wedding disc jockey must also be sensitive to cultural and religious differences when it comes to appropriate music for the occasion. Certain churches will not allow secular music to be played in their sanctuaries, for example, and a wedding disc jockey should be aware of these restrictions.

Some brides or wedding organizers find a good wedding disc jockey through word-of-mouth advertising. A co-worker or relative may have hired an exceptional wedding disc jockey to perform at his or her own wedding, so he or she may be able to provide contact information and a good reference. A professional wedding coordinator often maintains a list of wedding service providers, including live bands and disc jockeys. The coordinator should be able to put a bride in contact with several wedding disc jockeys who have worked for the company in the past with positive results.


A wedding disc jockey may also advertise his or her services in a local newspaper, entertainment tabloid or telephone yellow pages. Many professional DJ services also offer karaoke or other specialized entertainment. A bride or wedding planner should arrange to interview several prospective music providers before selecting the best one for the event. It is important to know if a wedding disc jockey has a wide selection of music to satisfy all age groups, as well as traditional wedding music for the service itself. Some professional music services hire freelance disc jockeys to host their events, while others have regular staff who work each gig.

Before hiring a wedding disc jockey, it is appropriate to ask him or her specific questions about their contractual obligations and terms. The best wedding disc jockeys understand their role as hired entertainers, not necessarily members of the wedding party or guests at the reception. A wedding disc jockey should be amenable to special requests and behave in a professional manner throughout the entire event. A disc jockey's reputation strongly depends on his or her personality and professionalism, so he or she should have the ability to sense the needs of the guests and select just the right music at just the right time.



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