How do I Choose the Best Weave Styles?

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To choose the best weave styles, consider your facial structure, lifestyle, and any special events that you may need to attend. Select styles that attract positive attention. Remember to consider the types of extensions that are available and the skills of your stylist. If you run out of ideas, turn to sources such as hair magazines for suggestions.

Facial structure is an important consideration when choosing a weave style. People have a tendency to see hair styles, admire them, and then attempt to imitate what they have seen. Unfortunately, every style does not suit every person. Before you put extensions in your hair, you should always consider how you will look. It is a good idea to get opinions from others.

If you are getting your hair done for a particular event, the style that you choose may differ from one that you would select otherwise. Consider the role that you will play in the event, the perception that you want to create, and what you will be wearing. If you do not make wise choices, your weave style could attract the wrong type of attention in a given setting.

You also want to make sure that you select styles that are functional for you. For example, if you are a swimmer and need to cover your head every day, a massive up-do is not the best choice for you. Remember that great styles are intended to fit into a person's life, not to make it more difficult.


If you live in an area where there is a limited selection of extensions, you need to consider this when you are choosing a style. There are some instances when weave styles may work better with one type of hair piece than with others, but alternatives can be used. Then there are some instances when a certain weave is required and attempts to use alternatives will be unsightly. When trying to choose the best weave styles, always consider whether you have access to the extensions that you need.

You may be one of those individuals who is the loyal client of a particular stylist. If so, when you are choosing the best weave styles, you need to consider her abilities. The fact that you can conceive of an idea or that you have seen a style that you like does not guarantee that she will be able to successfully do your hair that way.

It is very possible to run out of good ideas when you rely solely on yourself for inspiration. Choosing the best weave styles consistently may require you to stay abreast of trends in the same manner that people observe fashion. You can find new ideas in hair magazines, online, or by attending hair shows.



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