How Do I Choose the Best Way to Remove Hair Dye Stains?

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The method you will use to remove hair dye stains from surfaces will depend on where the stain has occurred. Countertops and bathtubs can be cleaned using a combination of baking soda, cleaning agents, and sometimes nail polish remover. The skin can be cleaned by using toothpaste or an oil-based skin protectant, such as petroleum jelly. Commercial cleaners containing bleach can also be used for many surfaces.

If you have to remove hair dye stains from your skin, you should begin the process as soon as possible. Dye becomes harder to remove the longer it sits. Apply toothpaste or petroleum jelly to the affected area, and rub gently for a minute or two. Rinse and dry. If this doesn't remove the stains, most dye stains on the skin come out within a day or so on their own. To prevent stains from occurring in the first place, apply the dye slowly to avoid splatters, and wear the gloves which should come with your home dye kit.


You can remove hair dye stains from countertops in one of several ways. Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab or cotton ball and rub the area gently. You can also try nail polish remover containing acetone. These methods should work on most surfaces, but if you are cleaning a white countertop, you can use a commercial cleaner that contains bleach. Make sure you are a in well-ventilated area when using products with bleach, as the fumes can be dangerous if inhaled in large amounts. You should also ensure that any other chemicals or cleaners are rinsed off the surface before applying bleach.

If these methods don't work alone, you can use a stain-removing sponge to remove some marks. Although these sponges are not suitable for some sensitive surfaces, they are handy for most counters, tubs, and floors. You only need to wet the sponge and then scrub the area with an even pressure.

There are other issues you should consider when trying to remove hair dye stains. For one, many of the chemicals that are effective at removing stains are also good at removing paint and finishes. If your surfaces are painted or have a colored finish, use these products with extreme caution. You should also keep in mind that many of them have heavy fumes, so ventilation is necessary. To prevent having to remove hair dye stains to begin with, use rubber gloves during applications, put petroleum jelly around your hair line and on other exposed areas of the skin, and put down old towels or papers to protect surfaces.



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