How Do I Choose the Best Way to Prepare a Steak?

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Before a steak it is cooked, a steak can be seasoned, marinated, or breaded. A grill is generally the preferred method to prepare a steak, but one can also be cooked in a frying pan. These cuts of beef can also be prepared by broiling or braising them.

While some cooks prefer the taste of plain steak, others prefer to prepare a steak with a little extra flavor. Steak can be flavored simply, by sprinkling salt, pepper, and other dried seasonings on it. It can also be marinated. Many cooks prefer to marinate their steaks, because many marinades not only add flavor to the meat, but they also help break down tough fibers in the meat, which makes it more tender.

Breaded steak is another type of steak. To prepare a steak using this technique, the meat is first dredged in flour and dipped into a mixture of beaten eggs and milk. It is then covered in bread crumbs and fried in oil. Gravy, such as country gravy, is also usually served with this type of steak.

A plain, seasoned, or marinated steak can be cooked several ways. Cooking steak on a grill is generally one of the most popular ways to prepare a steak, though. To do this, the steak is placed on a hot oiled grill.


If a grill is unavailable, steaks can also be cooked in a frying pan. Since most steaks should be cooked over very high heat, frying pans with non-stick coating are usually not recommended for this, since these coatings do not hold up well when exposed to these temperatures. A cast iron skillet, on the other hand, is usually one of the best types of pans to cook steak in.

A cook can also prepare a steak by putting it under a broiler. Before broiling a steak, however, it should be seared in a frying pan for several seconds on each side. Doing this browns the meat, which gives it a better appearance and texture.

The best way to cook tough steaks, such as chuck steak and flank steak, is usually braising. This is done by slowly cooking the steak in a liquid, such as water or broth. Vegetables like onions and potatoes are also usually cooked alongside braised steak. To cook steak this way, all of the ingredients are often placed in a large casserole dish and placed in an oven. A slow cooker, however, can also be used to braise steak.



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