How Do I Choose the Best Wave Oven?

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A wave oven is a type of tabletop appliance that is typically round, with a plastic or glass dome covering a lower section that has a food rack. Such ovens cook with a combination of technologies, including convection, infrared, and radiant heat, also called conduction. One of the most important features for many people is that food can be taken directly from the freezer and cooked without the need for defrosting it first. To choose the best wave oven, you should evaluate the different ovens that are available to see which ones have the features you need. Check the heating method, how it is made, and which optional features each oven provides.

When deciding on a wave oven, check the specifications to see how the different ovens you are looking at cook the food. It is typical for these ovens to use multiple cooking methods simultaneously, which is what makes the food cook rapidly. Certain ovens use halogen to create heat, and there is some concern that this may cause a fire hazard, so check safety reviews before purchasing one.


Determine what materials are used to make each wave oven you are evaluating. Some have domes made of glass, while others have plastic domes. There have been some reports of the plastic domes not lasting as long as the glass ones, so it is important to know which material each oven has. If it is plastic, check to see what kind of a guarantee the manufacturer gives. Those that have a good guarantee covering a reasonable period of time are likely to work well and to be reliable.

The other parts of the wave oven should also be well made. Most tabletop ovens are designed so that all of the parts can go into the dishwasher, except for the top part that contains the cooking unit. Some even allow you to fill the bottom with soapy water so that the unit cleans itself. Any wave oven that is not dishwasher safe may not be as sturdy, and should be avoided.

Optional features can make a difference in which oven you choose. Some manufacturers provide extender rings that allow you to cook larger foods, such as turkeys. There are also other extras that can make the oven more convenient to use, such as baking pans, raised racks, pizza sheets, and baking dishes. Using racks and extender rings creates the potential for cooking a full meal in one cycle, with meat and vegetables placed on different levels in the oven. Such accessories add to the versatility of the wave oven and expand the potential uses for it.



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