How do I Choose the Best Waterproof Mascara?

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Waterproof mascara is essential for almost every woman's makeup arsenal. Some may think that it's as simple as choosing what's on sale, and while price plays a factor, how the mascara wand and brush as well as how it stands up to tears, water and smudging are more important factors to consider when making a purchase. Whether buying it for a special day or using it for daily wear, it's vital to choose the best waterproof mascara that functions well and helps to make the eyes stand out.

The most important function of the best waterproof mascara is that it's waterproof. When the lashes get wet, either from tears or water, they should look as though they were never wet at all. There should be no smudging and they should look exactly the way they did during the application of the mascara.

When choosing the best waterproof mascara, it's important to have a wand that is easy to use. This type of mascara is more difficult to remove than regular mascara and sometimes is a little more difficult to apply, so the more comfortable the wand is to grip and use, the easier it is to apply the mascara in an efficient manner. Check the packaging, which will usually have a picture of the brush. The wand handle is often visible so it is easy to determine if it is comfortable enough to use.


Even though the mascara is labeled as waterproof, the best waterproof mascara should be relatively easy to take off. Read the packaging for information which will state that it is easy to wash off or will come off without force. Some brands and types will come off with makeup remover while others require only soap and water.

When choosing the best waterproof mascara, it's vital for those who have sensitive eyes to read the packaging closely. Look for a statement that says that the mascara is suitable for sensitive eyes. If there are any doubts, ask an optometrist for any recommendations about which would be best according to your specific eye health.

Waterproof mascara is useful for special occasions such as weddings when water or tears may make beautifully done eye makeup flow under the eyes or down the face. Choosing the best can help make it easier to apply the mascara, have it be comfortable to wear and easy to take off. The eyes are one of the most noticeable features of a person, so the more they stand out and look beautiful, the better the self-confidence of the wearer.



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