How do I Choose the Best Vanity Sconces?

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Wall light fixtures are common in bathrooms, and choosing the best kind is important since lights provide both safety and style. When choosing the best vanity sconces for your bathroom, you should first consider the size of the room, which will help you determine how many lights you need. The style of the sconce is also important, as it can set the tone for the rest of the bathroom. Metal finish is another choice that you have, as different types of metal result in varying appearances.

Most bathrooms call for a few vanity sconces in order to provide sufficient lighting. Having the right amount of lighting in a bathroom is important since slip and fall accidents are more common in this room than most due to excess water on the floor. You can choose to purchase a few single sconces to place on either side of the mirror, or just one sconce that has three or more lights attached. On the other hand, a small guest bathroom without a shower might need only one sconce with just one light, though this might create a dim environment. Of course, safety is less of an issue in the absence of a bathtub or shower, which means that guest bathrooms do not have to be as bright as those that are used more often.


Another consideration to make when choosing vanity sconces is style, as there are many choices available. Consider the appearance that you are going for in your bathroom, as well as the current d├ęcor. For example, a sconce that looks like a lantern is often best in bathrooms with an old world style, while one that is made entirely of metal may look more contemporary. The glass that surrounds the bulb should also be considered, as you have a choice between clear or frosted glass. Additionally, it is important to decide whether you want vanity sconces that have glass with a white or yellow hue, as the color of the glass will affect the hue of the light given off.

Most vanity sconces include some type of metal finish, and your choice will affect the overall look of the bathroom. For example, stainless steel and nickel both tend to give off a contemporary look, while bronze typically looks older and more traditional. If you want your sconce to shine at all times, chrome is known for this ability. Brass is another particularly shiny metal, though you may have to regularly polish it to make it gleam long-term.



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