How do I Choose the Best Vanadium Supplements?

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Choosing the best vanadium supplements involves understanding what this trace mineral supplement is used for, determining if it is the best supplement for the person's needs, and finding a product with the correct dosage. It is most commonly used for people who do not eat a well balanced diet and as a result may be missing this important element in their nutrition. Vanadium is also useful for patients with diabetes as well as athletes with intense weight lifting training programs. Many people use this mineral supplement as a cancer prevention device. It can be found naturally in several foods including mushrooms, sea food, green beans, and several types of cereal.

Vanadium supplements are often used to treat and prevent diseases such as cancer and diabetes. It is considered to be an effective treatment for diabetes. Vanadium carries blood sugar to the muscles, much in the same way as insulin, reducing the common high blood sugar numbers of most diabetes patients. Especially for people with type II diabetes, vanadium has been proven to increase muscles' sensitivity to insulin, which results in the body functioning in a more effective manner.


This supplement is also very popular with athletes interested in improving their athletic performance through weight training and other intensive workouts. One of the functions of the vanadium supplements is to increase the amount of sugar stored by the muscles. This function is ideal for athletes to limit sugar amounts stored as fat. It also works to increase blood flow and promote greater muscle mass.

As a dietary supplement, vanadium is typically only recommended for very specific sets of people, such as those with diabetes and athletes involved in encouraging improved athletic performance. For most of the general public, vanadium supplements are considered to be unnecessary. Sufficient supplies of this trace mineral can usually be acquired through normal diet. As with other types of dietary supplements, consulting with a doctor is advised before taking this supplement.

The proper dosage is important when choosing vanadium supplements as well. Too high a dose of this nutrient is considered harmful, so the correct dosage is crucial both for overall health and to use vanadium to its best potential. These supplements are normally sold in 30 to 60 mg capsules and taken once a day. Patients are strongly advised to not exceed the recommended daily dosage. Vanadium supplements should not be taken without doctor's approval, and any adverse affects should be reported as quickly as possible in addition to stopping the supplement treatment.



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Whether taking extra amounts of vanadium is therapeutic or harmful is even more controversial. Like chromium, another trace mineral, vanadium has become the focus of study as a possible aid in lowering blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. Vanadium has also been touted as a potential treatment for osteoporosis. Some athletes and weight lifters take it to build muscle or improve performance.

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