How Do I Choose the Best Used Scaffolding?

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Construction companies or individuals looking to save a bit of money on operational costs may consider buying used scaffolding instead of new. A few key steps can help ensure you choose the best used scaffolding for your money. First and foremost, a visual inspection of all pieces of scaffolding will be necessary to ensure none of the pipes or clamps are bent, cracked, or rusted beyond reasonable condition. It will also be important to find out if all vital pieces of scaffolding are included; this means the appropriate number of standards, ledgers, transoms, platforms, and clamps are present.

Some companies will sell used scaffolding, while other used offerings may be for sale by private owners. Buying from a dealer often ensures the equipment is safe to use and in reasonably good condition, but you should be prepared to pay a bit more from a dealer. When buying used scaffolding from a dealer, be sure to ask about any return policies or warranties that may be offered with the sale of the items. If none are offered, be prepared to handle any repair costs or replacement costs out of pocket; once the transaction is finished, the used scaffolding is your responsibility. Buying from a private seller also means you will be responsible for the replacement of parts once the transaction is complete.


When you are inspecting the used scaffolding, look for obvious signs of neglect or damage. Bent pipes, damaged or mangled clamps, and significant rust can mean the scaffolding is not safe to use. While some rusting is to be expected, excess rust will be evident if holes form from rusting or if an entire pipe is covered completely in rust. Such scaffolding should be avoided, as it can pose a safety risk. Clamps that connect pipes together should all be in good working order, and they should open and close easily without any struggle.

The set of used scaffolding you purchase should include standards, which are the uprights that run vertically from the ground; ledgers that run horizontally; and transoms, which run perpendicular to the ledgers. Sometimes a used set will not include platforms, or the platforms that are included may not be in great shape. Be sure to inspect these wooden parts for rot, cracks, or other signs of obvious damage. Take note of how many units of each type of pipe are included to ensure you can build a stable and useful structure.



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