How do I Choose the Best Used Laundry Equipment?

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Used laundry equipment can be a good idea if you are on a budget. Before you make a purchase, do some research to find out how much new models cost. That way, you will know if the ones you are considering are appropriately priced. Ask the dealer whether the machines have been refurbished and if she offers a warranty. You should also find out the cost of delivery, set-up, and hauling away your old appliances.

The cost of used laundry equipment should be roughly half the cost of a new appliance. It can be helpful to determine a budget for a washer and dryer beforehand so you can get the best deal for your money. Research the cost of special features so you can decide which ones you really need and those you might be able to do without.

Try to determine the age of the equipment. One way to do this is by looking over the exterior for signs of rust or peeling paint. The controls can also be an indicator of when the piece was manufactured. If the used laundry equipment seems to be an older model, take the condition of the unit into consideration. In the event it appears to have been used infrequently, the model could still be an excellent bargain.


Ask the dealer a little bit about the machine you are interested in. Try to find out how she obtained the piece and what kind of condition it was in when it was received. Inquire as to whether it was taken apart and thoroughly cleaned and if the belts were replaced, as doing these things could help add to the life of the equipment.

Turn the used laundry equipment on to see how well it works. If you are shopping for a washing machine, make sure the drum fills with water and spins out without shaking excessively. In the event you are purchasing a clothes dryer, make sure the unit gets hot and that the drum turns in full rotations.

The cost of delivery, set-up, and removal of old laundry machines can increase the cost of buying equipment. Find out what the dealer charges for these things before you start looking at used laundry equipment. Don't be afraid to negotiate these charges if you feel they are excessive. Doing so could help you purchase a quality washer or dryer without spending a great deal of money.



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