How do I Choose the Best Used Cubicles?

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Purchasing used cubicles is a practical way of stretching the budget of a small or startup business. In many cases, the cubicles offer the same amenities and service life that would be realized by purchasing new cubicles. By allowing for factors such as cost, design, and general condition, it is possible to find the tight types of cubicles at bargain prices, and enjoy them for many years before they need to be replaced.

When evaluating used cubicles for any business, the process begins with looking closely at the overall design. The cubicle layout must be efficient for the tasks performed by employees who will use them as workspace. Depending on the needs, features such as cubicle curtains or overhead storage compartments may be especially useful. Assessing the placement of storage under the desktop, as well as allowances for electrical outlets within the interior space of the cubicle, is also important.


Considering the color and size of the used cubicles is also essential to making a wise purchase. Ideally, the color will be one that works well with the overall color scheme of the office space where they are installed. At the same time, the size of each cubicle must fit into the space with ease, allowing ample room for traffic flow, and to meet the standards required for any local fire and safety regulations that may apply. While the cubicles under consideration may provide a number of desirable amenities, choosing designs that are oversized for the area where they are set up will lessen office productivity and morale, rather than increasing office efficiency.

The condition of the used cubicles is a major consideration. While some small amount of wear and tear can be reasonably anticipated, the panels and other components in the cubicles should be clean, free of any obvious tears or stains, and free of any obvious structural issues that could create dangerous situations for employees. Looking closely at how the components are assembled will yield clues regarding how easily the cubicles can be disassembled and reassembled when there is a need to change the layout of the office space. All hardware used to assemble the components should be in proper working order, and make it possible to create stable and secure work space that is not likely to collapse under normal use.

As with most purchases, the cost of the used cubicles should be considered closely before any commitment to purchase is made. Take the time to compare the cost of the used office components with new configurations that are similar and offer the same range of amenities. Assuming that the price for the used components is in line with the design and general condition, and the cost represents a significant savings over purchasing new cubicles, there is a good chance that the deal is a good one that will benefit the business for many years to come.



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