How Do I Choose the Best Transcription Service?

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There are many factors to consider when you are trying to choose the best transcription service. Among them may be the confidentiality policy of the provider you choose as well as his prices and turnaround time. You could also consider your preferences for hiring a company versus an independent contractor. Companies may prove more professional and capable of handling large workloads while independent contractors may prove more flexible and personable, and sometimes they may even offer lower prices.

One thing to consider when you are trying to choose the best transcription service is confidentiality and security. When you use a transcription service, the person who handles your account is privy to all of the information he transcribes. If the information is sensitive, you will want to make sure it won't be shared or fall into the wrong hands. This is particularly important when it comes to legal and medical information that is protected by the laws of your jurisdiction. In such a case, you may do well to have the company or independent contractor you choose sign a document promising to adhere to confidentiality laws.


You can also consider such factors as pricing and turnaround time when you want to choose the best transcription service. In most cases, the best service is the one that offers the lowest per-line prices. You may do well, however, to check a contract for hidden charges. Short turnaround times are usually desirable as well, and you should look to have them explicitly stated in the contract.

Your options for transcription help may include a company with several transcriptionists or an independent contractor. You can get help with your project using either choice, but there are some advantages and disadvantages to both. If you choose a company, you may benefit from greater professionalism, in some cases, and easier scheduling of work. A company may have more than one transcriptionist, which can mean you won't have to worry that no one is available to handle your project. Likewise, if your usual transcriptionist is ill or otherwise unavailable, a company can provide a substitute so that your project isn't delayed.

There are also benefits to using an independent contract for your transcription needs. If you use an independent contractor, you may benefit from more personal service, in some cases. Some independent contractors charge less than transcription companies, so you might save money with this option. In some cases, a single-person transcription service may also prove more willing to make adjustments to suit your needs. For example, an independent contractor might prove more willing to change equipment or processes to better serve you.



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