How Do I Choose the Best Toothpaste?

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Choosing the best toothpaste is really a matter of personal preference. Your primary concern, however, should be based on how it can promote a healthy oral environment. Taste will have to be taken into consideration when selecting the best toothpaste. Also, you will want something that cleans and whitens the teeth. Be very careful if you have sensitive teeth, as whiteners in some pastes are known to thin out the enamel, further aggravating the problem.

There are a number of flavors available at the oral health aisle in your local drugstore. From strawberry to the traditional mint of most commercial toothpastes, there is a toothpaste flavor for almost any palate. Rely on your personal preference when selecting the best toothpaste flavor, but know that mint extract is used in most formulas because it is known to inhibit bacteria growth.

Regardless of the taste, you will want to select toothpastes formulated with active ingredients that are known to clean the teeth and tongue. Fluoride is a common ingredient found in most toothpastes, an active ingredient that retards the formation of cavities. Using a toothbrush in conjunction with a fluoride-based toothpaste will thoroughly clean the tongue as well.


Many people may find that their teeth begin to turn yellow or darken over time, which can be a natural effect or can be caused by environmental causes such as smoking or drinking wine or coffee. There are some toothpaste formulas that include bleaching agents that will gradually whiten the teeth. The best toothpaste for you may be one that whitens a bit each day rather than the harsher whitening treatments that can be potentially damaging to your teeth.

Sensitive teeth will have to be taken into careful consideration when selecting the best toothpaste. Try to avoid from formulas that are heavy in surfactants, colorants, and preservatives, as well as those that include teeth whiteners, as these will thin out the walls of your teeth over time. You can try whitening formulations as soon as the health of your mouth improves or choose one specially formulated for sensitive teeth.

A final concern that you will have to deal with is specific health issues from which you may suffer. The large array of toothpastes at your drug store will be able to accommodate almost anyone, however, special conditions may require a specific brand or type of toothpaste. For example, exposed enamel may require prescription grade potassium ions to help repair the exposed dentinal tubules.



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