How do I Choose the Best Tiller Repair?

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Tillers are generally used by farmers and gardeners in breaking up soil for planting. The tiller is a handheld device with covered blades and a long handle which enables its operator to push it along the ground. All in all, the tiller is a simple machine with a small engine similar to that of a lawnmower or weed eater. It is because of this simplicity in design that tiller motors are often easier to fix than those of a car or truck, and repair ranks as the most cost efficient option when there is a problem in operation.

To find the best tiller repair, the first step is making sure a repair shop is even necessary. Check the machine yourself and look for anything that may be blatantly obvious. This could include something foreign being lodged in the blades or engine. If nothing seems obvious, or you are afraid that you may do further damage by poking around yourself, finding a tiller repair shop is your best bet.


Check in your local phone directory for tiller repair. More often than not, there will not be listings specifically for tiller repairmen but instead for small engine or small motor repair. This is because tillers, weed eaters, leaf blowers, and mowers are very simple machines; composed of little more than blades, handles and motors. Not much can go wrong with these machines other than something involving the engine, so repairmen specialize in fixing small engines for a variety of devices instead of for one particular device. Make a list of a few of the repair shops, and then begin calling each one to find the person best suited for the job.

When calling a tiller repair shop, be sure to ask questions regarding price, experience, and turnaround time for repairs. In some cases, the repairman will need to examine the tiller before giving an estimate because the tiller may need a new part. Often new parts will have to be ordered from a third party vendor, thus affecting costs and repair times. After a thorough inspection, the shop owner or repairman should be able to give you an idea of the costs you should expect. If he continues to dance around a price, move on to another repair shop.

It is also important that you specify over the phone the type of tiller you own. This would include the manufacturer and age of the tiller, as well as any previous repairs or damages. If your tiller is not very old, you may ask the manufacturer about tiller repair options instead of going for an independent shop. In some cases, there may be an extended warranty to cover the costs of your tiller repair, assuming the damage was due to normal use and nothing you did directly that may have affected the machine’s operation.

Finally, if the repairs seem simple enough, you may choose to order the part from a tiller repair shop and then attempt to fix it yourself. If you go this route, you will undoubtedly save a good deal of money; but proceed with caution. If you do not know anything about small engines or repairs you may wind up damaging the tiller further. In cases like that, further repair costs may be accumulated or you may have to buy a new tiller altogether.



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