How Do I Choose the Best Tights and Leggings?

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Tights and leggings can be excellent accessories with many different types of outfits, and they are especially popular to wear in the fall and winter. People often wear them under skirts with boots, to add a little bit of extra warmth. To choose the best tights and leggings, consider how you will wear them, and whether you want them to be completely sheer like traditional tights, or made of thicker material more like leggings. If you will be wearing them for fitness purposes, or purchasing leggings to be worn under outdoor gear such as for skiing, it is generally best to choose the ones designed specifically for this purpose so they will be durable.

Fashion tights and leggings are based more on personal preference than any sort of utility purpose. Tights are generally sheer, so they are usually worn with a skirt or dress shorts, because otherwise it would be possible to see right through them. Leggings are more opaque; the ones made of thicker material often cannot be seen through, but fashion experts still typically recommend that they should not be worn alone as pants. Even fashion leggings are still usually worn under skirts for extra style and warmth in the cooler months.


The type of tights and leggings you choose is based on your style preference and how you will wear them. Tights may be more appropriate for evening wear, while leggings may be more comfortable during the day. They are available in hundreds of different colors and styles to match different outfits, often in different colorful patterns. Tights and leggings for children especially are often available in bright colors and fun patterns to appeal to kids' clothing preferences. As a general rule, however, you can rarely go wrong with tights or leggings in classic colors like dark charcoal gray, navy, or black.

Other varieties of leggings are designed for men and women, to be worn while exercising or to add a layer of extra warmth under outdoor clothing such as for hiking, camping, or participating in winter sports. These leggings are generally much more durable than those manufactured for fashion purposes, but they are often more expensive as well. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to purchase leggings specifically designed for the purpose if you'll be using them for, to ensure that they hold up with regular use. Some are also made with material designed to wick sweat away from the body, which can be very helpful as well, and is one of the main reasons people wear them.



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