How do I Choose the Best Textile Suppliers?

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Choosing textile suppliers depends on the particular needs of your business, and the ability of the supplier to meet those needs. Considerations to take into account when choosing a textile supplier is quality, cost, customer service, and selection. Additionally, some companies would rather purchase textiles manufactured in their home country, even if it means paying a little more, and some companies prefer supporting textile suppliers that use green technology. For other companies, cost will be the number one consideration, while for others, the ability to provide a unique inventory is most important. The first step in narrowing down your list of textile suppliers is to prioritize this list of needs.

After determining what priorities your company has, it is time to begin researching the different textile suppliers available to you. Contact each company directly and discuss what you are looking for. The feedback you receive from the supplier should give you an idea about how each supplier runs his or her business. If you have difficulty getting your questions answered, the representative attempts to persuade you from the particular textiles you request, or if you generally find the representative difficult to work with, it makes sense to mark them off your list, as it is unlikely that the situation will improve once you enter into a business relationship.


Once you have narrowed down your list of textile suppliers, speak with some existing customers. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, so, while speaking to references the company provides is valuable, even better is talking with other people in your industry who use the same suppliers. Your peers will understand the importance of on-time deliveries, the ability to make changes to an order already in process, and the value of access to a wide selection of textiles. It is impossible to please everyone, all the time, but several complaints that seem similar, such as slow delivery or billing problems, should be enough to scratch that particular supplier off your list.

Choosing the right textile supplier is important for all areas of your business. Ideally, the textile supplier you end up with will offer high quality fabric at a competitive price, with few restrictions on orders or deliveries. A supplier that fits these specifications will allow you to expand your business without excessive concern about costly overhead or running short on supplies.



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