How do I Choose the Best Termite Extermination?

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When it comes to dealing with a termite infestation, choosing the right termite extermination service is very important. Ideally, the service will be able to completely destroy the colony and eliminate the progression of any damage already caused, allowing the building owner to make repairs quickly and with less cost.

One of the most effective ways to find a termite control company is to seek recommendations from others in your social network. Friends, relatives, and coworkers are very likely to know of at least a few local termite extermination services that would be worth evaluating. In many cases, your contacts will have personal experience with the services they recommend, allowing you to freely ask questions regarding the general performance of each service.

You can also make use of other local resources to collect data on termite extermination services that operate within the area. Along with consulting the local telephone directory, make a point to check the membership listings for the local chamber of commerce. Pest control companies that are established and have built a strong reputation within the community often hold membership in the local chamber. In addition, the information available from the chamber of commerce will probably include a contact name, telephone number, and possibly an email address.


With a list of potential termite extermination services assembled, your next task is to begin qualifying each service on your list. One important consideration is to make sure any exterminator that visits your property is properly certified. Insect control services are usually forthcoming about the status of their certification and do not mind providing proof. Should any service balk at supplying this type of information, cross it off your list and keep looking.

It is important to remember that the more reputable termite extermination services will want to schedule a site visit before extending a quote for their services. This is actually to your advantage. By arranging this preliminary appointment, you have a chance to see how punctual the service is, what type of inspection process they use, and get an idea of what each service believes is the best mode of termite extermination for your circumstances.

After the site visits are completed and all quotes are collected, you can make your final choice. Keep in mind that while price is usually a factor, there are other points to consider. Before making your final choice, pay close attention to everything you noticed during the initial visit, especially in terms of general attitude and attention to detail. Weighing all the factors will result in the selection of a termite extermination service that charges an equitable fee and also does an excellent job.



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