How do I Choose the Best Termite Control Products?

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If you suspect that termites are slowly eating away the wood on your home, you may be considering do-it-yourself termite control. The number of termite control products on the market may be surprising to many homeowners, and it is important to learn how the top products work before choosing one. Termite baiting systems can be placed near a known colony, and work by allowing the pests to start eating away at wood, which is then replaced with poison once several have gathered in the area. You can also use a barrier method around your home, spraying insecticide near any wood. For smaller infestations, a spray that is not dangerous for humans or animals may work best.

A baiting system can quickly wipe out most termite colonies, and uses wood to lure these pests to it. Once a few termites discover it, they are likely to report back to the rest of their colony so that they can all eat the wood. For this reason, it is important to allow them to first nibble on the wood that often comes with these termite control products, and then add poison once it seems that most of the colony is present. It is also helpful to introduce the baiting system close to the area where the colony is normally located rather than right on their nest, as they will be able to easily find it without feeling the need to defend their home.


Many people choose to line the exterior of their home with insecticides since these can get rid of termites on a large scale. You do not typically need to know where the nest is to effectively use termite control products like this type, but you do usually need a garden sprayer. This is because most insecticides come in concentrated form, requiring that they be mixed with water and then sprayed near the home. Read the instructions on these termite control products before buying to make sure that they are not harmful to humans or animals, as you will likely have to leave your home and keep pets away while the chemicals dry if they are considered dangerous.

Some termite problems are minor, as they are limited to a small area outside the house. If you only see a small amount of termite damage, you do not typically have to spend much on termite control products. In such cases, you can buy a spray that is considered nontoxic for humans and animals. This item is often easy to use since you do not need any special equipment, though of course it is not usually effective at getting rid of large infestations.



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