How do I Choose the Best Teleconferencing Company?

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With so many options in conference call providers today, it can often be a confusing task to decide which service is the right option. Fortunately, it is possible to break the task down into a few simple steps, and systematically narrow the listing down to a few contenders. In order to manage this, it is important to assess each teleconferencing company on the basis of features, price, and service.

It is usually a good idea to identify the types of teleconferencing products you want before initiating any search for the right teleconferencing company. Perhaps your immediate need is for a particular style of audio call, such as a toll-free dial-in format. An attendance list that is automatically generated after each call may also be a desirable feature. You may also have plans on making use of some sort of web conferencing tool in the near future, such as one that includes such important features as document collaboration or presentation sharing. Whatever your needs, qualify conference call providers by weeding out those that cannot provide you with the features necessary, and focus your attention on providers that can supply what you need.


Once you have made a list of every teleconferencing company that is capable of providing the features you require, begin to look closely at pricing. For larger companies, this is usually not difficult, since many teleconferencing services offer volume discounts to entities that generate a great deal of usage each month. However, don’t be discouraged if you are with a smaller entity, such as a non-profit or religious organization that only holds a few conference calls a month. There are a number of providers that focus on niche markets and offer significant savings without requiring any minimum level of usage for any period of time.

While exploring pricing, be sure that you understand what is and is not included in that basic price. Focus your attention on the teleconferencing company that includes as many of the features you want as possible in the basic rate per minute cost. Make it a point to ask for pricing on any features that are not included in the basic cost, and clarify how those charges are applied. For example, if there is an extra charge for recording an audio conference, ask if that flat rate applies to the conference regardless of the duration, or if it is a flat rate that is applied on an hourly basis. If you plan on holding a five-hour conference call, this one question could save you a great deal of money.

After addressing matters of features and pricing, it is still important to determine the level of support you can expect as a customer of each teleconferencing company. Many providers offer an impressive array of features as well as very attractive pricing. Not every teleconferencing provider offers support around the clock, on weekends, or even during a live conference call. Keep in mind that if you have some sort of service issue that minimizes your ability to conduct business, it is your bottom line that suffers. Going with a company that has slightly higher pricing, but offers excellent customer service will be the better option in the long run.



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