How Do I Choose the Best Teen Deodorant?

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Teen deodorant, like any other type of deodorant, should be chosen based on what is best for the particular person who will be using the product. There is no “one size fits all” option when it comes to choosing teen deodorant. Some people need greater protection than others due to being more active or simply because they perspire more than others do.

Teen deodorant is specially formulated with those hormone-filled teen years in mind. When many changes are occurring in the body, perspiration and body odor can increase dramatically. Still, good hygiene is the first step in combating body odor. Taking care to bathe regularly, wear clean clothing, and even wash up throughout the day — especially after strenuous activities — are all good ideas.

Teen deodorant is available in a variety of formulas, brands, and fragrances. There are unisex options as well as offerings specifically formulated and scented for boys and girls. There are numerous fragrances available. Some even come in matched sets with powder, lotion, cologne, perfume, or shower gel, that share the same fragrance.

You can find nice bath sets, which also make great gifts, for the teens on your shopping list. Also, check out compact travel size packages of teen deodorant. These are the perfect size for an overnight bag or gym bag.


Check labels not only to see which formula is best suited to the teen who plans to use the product, but also to ensure that the product does not contain unwanted ingredients. While further testing is needed, certain ingredients have been associated with major health issues such as breast cancer. Many people do not feel that a serious risk is present, while others prefer to simply avoid ingredients such as parabens altogether.

Many deodorants contain parabens, which have been cited as a cause for concern. While it has been shown that parabens have been detected in breast tumors, the US Food and Drug Administration maintains that low levels of parabens are safe for use. There is a good deal of information on this topic available, if you feel the need to research it further before making a choice.

Keep in mind that teen antiperspirant works differently than teen deodorant. It is made to actually stop perspiration from occurring. Still, there are questions surrounding both options, so pay attention to the ingredients in both types of products if you are concerned. There are natural and homemade deodorant options available as well.



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Post 3

@clintflint - I don't know if you remember high school, but I would rather teenagers were drenching themselves in deodorant than not wearing any at all.

There were always a couple of people in class who didn't seem to know how to deal with body odor and no one ever wanted to sit next to them.

I'd much rather have a few minutes of embarrassment with my parents giving me a frank assessment of how much or how little deodorant I needed than be ostracized by my peers for the year.

Post 2

@Iluviaporos - Honestly, I'm more inclined to stop teenagers from using deodorant than antiperspirant. Every time I end up next to a teenager on the bus or in line for something they seem to have drenched themselves in the stuff and it's very irritating. I feel like companies try to sell it by telling kids that all good things will come to them if they smell the right way, but there is definitely too much of a good thing going in some cases.

Post 1

One of my friends has sworn that he'll never use an antiperspirant because he thinks they are bad for you. They actually block off the sweat glands so that they can't work, which doesn't exactly sound good, I agree.

I use them anyway, because I figure they are probably safe enough and I'm too embarrassed to walk around with big sweat stains. But I think it's a good thing to let your kids know what is actually going on when they use this stuff.

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