How Do I Choose the Best Tea Tree Deodorant?

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When looking for a tea tree deodorant, you'll want to consider all the factors you consider when choosing any other deodorant, such as odor-fighting power, whether it contains an antiperspirant, and cost. You should also check to see how much tea tree oil is contained in each option, since if there is too small an amount it may not be beneficial to you. If you are checking into tea tree deodorant because you have a certain condition or symptom, be sure it doesn't contain any other ingredients which could exacerbate that condition.

Tea tree deodorant is beneficial for those who want a more natural option than many other commercial deodorants. Tea tree oil has been proven to be a skin soothing agent, and it also has antibacterial and antifungal properties. If you have a condition such as underarm acne or boils, dry skin, or eczema, using a product with tea tree oil may help soothe the skin and promote healing.


Make you check for the exact amount of tea tree oil in each deodorant. Ingredients are typically listed on products in order of how much is in the product. Ingredients listed first are in the highest quantities while those toward the end of the list are present in the lowest quantities. In a good tea tree deodorant, there should be enough oil to be effective. Speak with a dermatologist or natural health professional to determine how much you need for your particular skin condition.

If you are looking for an all-natural tea tree deodorant, you should also check the ingredients for added chemicals. Many mainstream products containing tea tree oil also have more conventionally used additives which may be harmful to skin. For the most naturally created product, you should probably go with an organic version or one made with plant-based ingredients. Research any ingredients you aren't sure about, and determine if they are something you want to use.

Odor-fighting power is also important. If you sweat heavily or have a stronger than average body odor, you should choose a deodorant proven to take care of that. You can read about most items online and check out customer reviews to determine how well they may work for you. Although some items may have added fragrances, tea tree oil usually has a strong scent when used alone. This makes it ideal for controlling odor.



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