How Do I Choose the Best Tabletop Dishwasher?

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When choosing a tabletop dishwasher, you should consider a model that is energy efficient. Also, check the capacity and inquire how many table settings it washes at once. If space is an issue, you'll need to compare dimensions of different units. When shopping, look for name-brand quality on sale, rather than buying an off-brand name at a reduced price. Also, read consumer reviews before deciding on a tabletop dishwasher.

Tabletop dishwasher models are appealing because they are portable. When you go shopping for your tabletop dishwasher, look for durability and quality. Choose a model that is resistant to chipping. Look for stainless steel construction. Avoid a unit with parts made of cheap quality plastic.

Choose a tabletop dishwasher that has a touch pad with a digital readout. This will let you program your dishwasher according to preference. Look for a model that offers various wash cycles, so you may choose between a regular or heavy setting.

Another consideration before you decide on a particular model is how simple the unit is to operate and maintain. Your portable dishwasher may not be used very often if it is too complicated. Choose a model that operates with a few simple steps and one that includes a user manual with easy-to-follow instructions. You might want to read the manual before making your purchase. You should also inquire what type of cleaning or maintenance the portable dishwasher requires.


When checking the dimensions of the unit, also consider how you will store the dishwasher when it is not in use. If it is small enough for compact storage, this will free up counter space for you. Additionally, consider the weight of the tabletop dishwasher. While you will want one that is solidly built and sturdy, if it is too heavy for you to lift, this could present a problem.

There are other features to look for as well, such as an easy-connecting faucet adapter. A rinsing dispenser will help reduce water spots on your dishes, so be certain this feature is included. Another option you may want to consider is whether the tabletop dishwasher has a window. This will allow you to view your dishes as they are being cleaned.

One final consideration when selecting a new tabletop dishwasher is how to obtain replacement parts. If a water hose or another part must be replaced, you'll want to be sure parts are available. Inquire whether you can order parts directly from the manufacturer or at your local store.



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