How Do I Choose the Best Synthetic Lace Wig with Baby Hair?

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Choosing the right synthetic lace wig with baby hair depends on several different factors, including the style and length of the hair, the type of lace used, and the actual size of the wig base. If you have pre-existing hair, then a wig fixed with hair clips can help with a more secure installation. How the lace wig looks is typically the main deciding factor for a new hairpiece.

The style and length of the hair should fit your personal preferences when choosing any type of wig. A synthetic lace wig with baby hair can often offer more styling options than a traditional wig. Baby hairs are the shorter, fine hairs that typically grow along the hairline; a wig that includes this type of hair may allow you to pull the hair off the face with the baby hairs blurring the line between the lace and your skin. Keep in mind that wigs that contain longer hair can potentially require more maintenance, while shorter styles typically require less upkeep.

Lace wigs differ from normal wigs in that the hairs are usually tied to a lace base. This allows for a more naturally looking hair parting and hairline, a feature that is absent in most traditional wigs. Most manufacturers allow you to use French or Swiss lace on their hairpieces. French lace is usually more durable than Swiss lace, but it tends to be thicker and more visible. Swiss lace is finer, but can be ripped if handled roughly.


The actual size of the lace wig should be considered. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for measuring your head to help ensure that you will choose a wig of the appropriate size. Some manufacturers also offer wigs with lace in the front hairline only, with the rest of the hairpiece being made up of machine-tied hair wefts. This can increase the longevity of the hairpiece, but if you want to be able to pull your hair up in a high ponytail, then a wig that is completely made of lace will typically offer the most styling options.

Time commitment is another factor that needs to be taken into account when selecting a synthetic lace wig with baby hair. Some lace wig makers will install hair clips onto the back of the hairpiece, allowing for an easy and secure installation. If you are completely bald, however, such clips will not be of use.



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