How do I Choose the Best Swimsuit Workout?

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Every year, millions of people have a New Year's resolution that they will lose weight, exercise more, and get into better shape so that they can look good in a swimsuit. Of course, wanting to exercise is one thing, while choosing the best exercise plan is another issue altogether. If you want to get into shape for swimsuit season, choosing the best swimsuit workout for yourself can be challenging. The following suggestions can be helpful in choosing the best swimsuit workout for yourself.

Knowing you would like to lose weight is a start. Granted, you need to have a sense of what specific areas you want to target in your swimsuit workout. Cardio work, such as walking or jogging, is a necessary foundation upon which to begin, regardless of which workout choices you make. Cardio work is good overall exercise. There are differences in the remaining part of your workout, though, depending on which part of your body you hope to focus on.

For example, if you aspire to lose weight on your thighs and legs, you might choose a combination of cardio and circuit exercises for your swimsuit workout. Circuit exercises include lateral or forward lunges where you specifically target the thighs, hips, and buttocks. Side leg lifts are another option if you wanted to lose weight and firm up your legs and thighs.

By contrast, if you want to lose weight on your stomach, you can do a combination of diet adjustment and abdominal exercises for your swimsuit workout. For instance, in terms of diet, you should remove fat, sugar, white flour foods, and other unhealthy foods. Also, focus on eating more salad, vegetables, and fish while making certain you consume at least eight glasses of water per day. For your abdominal exercises, you can do crunches or sit ups that focus specifically on tightening your stomach area.

If you want to lose weight on your arms, do pushups. Or, you could do simple dumbbell curls where you hold a light weight dumbbell in your hand and just bend your arms. By contrast, you might do tricep extensions using a dumbbell. You could also choose to swim, golf, kayak, or any other exercise which emphasizes the use of your arms.

If you have more time to spend on exercise, or if you would like to exercise with a group of people, you might choose to play basketball. Other options are to join a jogging group or golf group. Doing these sorts of activities enable you to give your body a great workout while giving you the opportunity to socialize at the same time.

Whichever exercise you choose, it is important to always warm up before exercising. Stretch your muscles so you do not injure yourself. Also, always talk with your doctor before undertaking any kind of exercise program so you will not cause yourself to have health problems unnecessarily. Once you have done those things, go out and enjoy your swimsuit workout.


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