How Do I Choose the Best Support Group for Parents?

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Choosing the best support group for parents will likely depend on your unique needs and interests. For example, you may want to attend a group specifically for parents with teens or you might want a group that includes parents of kids of various ages. Likewise, you may have a preference for a group that meets to discuss general parenting topics or for one that has a more specific focus. Additionally, the manner in which a meeting is conducted and its location may affect your decision.

When you are trying to choose the best support group for parents, it is important to consider the children's age group in which you are interested. Some groups may focus on parents of small children while others are focused on the parents of preteen and adolescent children. If you prefer not to select a group that is focused on one age group, however, you may feel more comfortable choosing an all-inclusive support group instead. Such groups may include parents of children of all ages instead of focusing on a single age range.


You can also consider the support group's purpose when trying to make the best choice. You may find some groups that focus on the needs and concerns of new parents, young parents, older parents, or parents with large families. There are also support groups for people with special needs children, adoptive parents, people who became pregnant after infertility, and those with non-traditional families; single parenting and parenting-after-a-loss groups are also among the options. Additionally, you may find groups that do not have a specific focus and are general parenting groups instead.

The type of meeting a support group has may also factor into your decision when you want to choose the best support group for parents. For example, you might prefer a casual group over a more formal meeting or prefer a group that provides lots of social time in addition to time for discussing particular parenting topics. You may also have preferences when it comes to whether or not food will be available as part of the meeting. Additionally, your preference for whether or not children are allowed at a meeting may help influence your decision.

Location is typically important when you are trying to choose a support group, but this factor may prove particularly crucial when you are trying to select the best parenting support group. You may find it difficult to take time away from parenting and other responsibilities to travel a long distance for meetings. As such, you may find a group that meets close to home or online a better option.



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