How Do I Choose the Best Sugar-Free Cheesecakes?

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Sugar-free cheesecakes can be a tasty treat for diabetics. Before you make a selection, it can be helpful to know how this sugar free dessert was prepared, because this can let you know if artificial sweeteners were used. If you are on a very strict diet, it can also be helpful to know if the crust and toppings are sugar free as well as the filling. You may also want to consider a cheesecake that is not only sugar free, but also low in carbohydrates and gluten.

When you are shopping for sugar-free cheesecakes, it can be helpful to visit a local bakery. There, you will be able to talk to the chef who prepared these sugar free desserts. You may want to know if the cheesecakes are made entirely from scratch or partially from frozen ingredients. In the event frozen crust or toppings have been used, it can be a good idea to ask if these were also a sugar-free variety.

If you are on a low carb diet, you may want to buy sugar-free cheesecakes that are also low in carbohydrates. Some varieties may also be gluten-free as well. These can be good choices if you are trying to lose weight but feel the need for a sweet dessert. Some flavors of low carb or gluten free cheesecakes may include pumpkin, peanut butter, lemon, and vanilla.


You can generally purchase sugar-free cheesecakes with a traditional graham cracker crust or one that is made from chocolate cookies. The types you choose could largely depend on your cravings and the flavor of the cheesecake itself. A chocolate crust could be ideal for a vanilla, pecan, or chocolate chip cheesecake, while a graham cracker crust might taste better with a strawberry or blueberry dessert.

Some sugar-free cheesecakes may be adorned with chocolate chips, nuts, or fruit slices. It can be a good idea to avoid desserts that have candy garnishments because they normally contain sugar. Even though the sugar content may be very small, it could nonetheless affect a diabetic's blood sugar. Fruit or nut toppings are fine as long as they are unprocessed and not part of a sugar glaze drizzled over the cheesecake.

While you are shopping for cheesecakes, you may want to find out if the bakery offers samples of its products. This can give you an idea of what that store's sugar-free cheesecakes taste like so you will not buy desserts that are either too sweet or too bitter. With so many choices available, it can be easy to find cheesecakes that taste good and are healthy for you to eat.



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