How do I Choose the Best Suede Balance Beam?

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Balance beams used in gymnastics competitions are frequently covered in suede, which means that it is often best to practice on such a beam at home. Using a suede balance beam during practice, rather than a foam or carpeted one, can help ensure that you are used to the type that is used in competition. Of course, there are so many types of balance beams on the market that you will still need to make a few decisions after you have settled on a suede balance beam. You will need to choose the best height, length, and level of portability before you purchase this kind of gymnastics equipment.

If you are rather new to gymnastics, it may be best to stick with a low suede balance beam so that you can practice your routines safely and with confidence. Starting out with a high beam may cause new gymnasts to focus more on not falling than on performing the routines correctly. You can choose one that sits directly on the floor, or one that is set just above ground. You should also think of the room you will place the beam in before you choose the height, as low ceilings are not conducive to having a suede balance beam several feet up.


The length of a beam is also important, as you will need enough room to practice your whole routine. Try to purchase a suede balance beam that is as long as the beam that you regularly use at practice, which is typically 16 feet (about 5 m). Of course, once again, you do need to take into consideration the amount of space in the room you plan to use for beam practice. If you cannot fit a full-length suede balance beam in the room, you may have to choose one that is shorter than average. You may not be able to fit your full routine on it, but you could still practice different moves separately while at home.

Finally, you need to consider whether you need the suede balance beam to be portable. This is important if you cannot devote an entire room to gymnastics. For example, if you are using a guest room as a temporary gym, you will likely need to move the beam when guests stay over. If this is the case, you should choose a beam that is lightweight. You may also decide to acquire a folding beam, which is quite portable since it can be folded up and stored under a bed or in a closet.



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