How do I Choose the Best Succulent Seeds?

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Succulent plants can be a good option if you don't want to worry about having to water plants often, or wish to give a more exotic look to your garden or home. You also may want to consider these types of plants if there is a strong summer where you live. To grow your own succulent plants, selecting the right succulent seeds can be an important part of the process. Healthy seeds provided by a supplier who has a history and some expertise in dealing with succulent plants usually can be a good choice, as their passion for their product typically is passed on to the consumer.

A succulent plant usually refers to a type of plant that will retain water. This is generally the result of evolutionary and environmental conditions, as plants had to adapt to shortages of water in order to survive. They commonly grow in locations such as deserts or steppes. Some examples of succulent plants include cacti, sempervivums, and aloe.

Seeds generally should be as fresh as possible. A fresh seed typically means that it has not been stored for a long time or has had any preservatives added to it. This can increase the chances a plant has of growing successfully and staying healthy. It also might be best to purchase local seeds as opposed to imported seeds. Typically, local seeds are more likely to be acclimatized to the environment in which you will grow your plants.


The hardiness zone can be an important thing to consider if you want to grow your succulent plants outdoors. Hardy zones indicate the minimum temperate in which a plant can survive. Many succulent seeds will clearly state their hardiness zone rating on their packages, letting you know if the plant you wish to grow is appropriate for where you live.

Some succulent seed suppliers cultivate their own seeds. These suppliers may have a greenhouse in which they grow plants. They then pollinate these plants as much as possible in order to provide a steady supply of succulent seeds. Such suppliers might be a good option, as it could help guarantee the quality of the seeds you are getting. Some of these companies also might offer more exotic types of succulent seeds, which could make your home or garden a more vivid and striking place.

Many suppliers cater exclusively to selling succulent seeds. These can be good places to get your succulent seeds, since it usually indicates that they are passionate about these particular types of plants. They also may be able to help you with your decision, giving you recommendations based on your own aesthetic and practical wishes while keeping your budget in mind.



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