How Do I Choose the Best Strong Hair Spray?

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Creating a hairstyle that makes you look good and feel good about yourself is important, and different products exist depending on what type of style you seek. The strongest hair spray will be best for updos, while a light hair spray may provide the best hold for more casual styles. Your stylist, friends, and even the Internet can help you make some decisions. Personal preference will need to be exercised when choosing whether or not you use aerosol or pump products, and how much emphasis to place on price. Secondary benefits such as volume and styling ability can also be obtained with the right product.

The primary factor in deciding on your strong hair spray is to consider the desired end result. If you are having a casual hairdo, you may not want the strongest hair spray on the market because it might make your hair crunchy and hard. If your style is intricate or swept into an updo, a stronger spray would be more appropriate and needed to maintain your look. A light hair spray may work best when you want your style to appear soft, while more complicated hairstyles may require both a working hair spray and a strong finishing spray to complete.


Whoever cuts your hair can provide good suggestions for a strong hair spray based on his or her own professional experience with products and the makeup of your hair. Another source may be a friend or family member that has your general hairstyle or type. The former will have more of an expert opinion, but may be limited to recommending what is available through their employer, and these products can be more pricey than those available at your local store. With either source, you may be able to try out a particular strong hair spray before buying it to determine if it is for you.

The Internet could be a good source for reviews, with caution. Searching for a particular brand you are considering will result in many candid reviews, and you might uncover your choice is either very popular, or has negative results that you can read about before buying. Caution is necessary, however, if you aren’t familiar with the source.

Another part of choosing a hair spray is deciding what type of container is acceptable. Generally, hairspray comes in an aerosol can and pump bottle. Aerosol tends to have a finer spray, so the end result will dry faster. The pump version has less of a negative impact on the environment than its aerosol counterpart.

Price is also a factor in your choice of strong hair spray. Salons carry professional hair spray that might give you the very best results. Your local drugstore or grocery store will have cheaper brands, but the ingredients might not be the same and the end result might not be as good. You have to determine how much you’re willing to pay to achieve the look that you want.

Finally, there are many types of hair spray that offer secondary benefits. Some products offer a shiny final look, while others promise volume. Gel sprays exist that are a good solution to work with during the styling, and once dry, offer strong hold for the style.



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