How Do I Choose the Best Strategic Planning Group?

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When choosing a strategic planning group, you need to think about what you want to gain from hiring this type of service for your business. The group needs to be able to create a thorough plan for your business and help you understand how to implement it. There are strategic planning groups available that focus on one area of expertise, such as real estate, and those that focus on general business strategies for an organization. In addition, you can find a strategic planning group to help you meet the goals for your business or organization depending on what stage the organization is currently in.

A business that is first starting is most benefited by a group that has experience working with organizations from the ground up, which includes creating vision and mission statements. The strategic planning group should be open to working with individuals from your organization when making plans, so that your organization has a voice in the process. If your business is currently operational you need creative ideas on how to solve the problems that you are dealing with, as well as recommendations regarding the frequency with which you should update your plans based on the industry you are in.


To choose the best strategic planning group, you need to find one that is adept at doing strategic analysis, which includes examining the marketplace and competition, as well as looking at your organization's strengths and weaknesses. Clear objectives need to be written out that assign responsibility for each goal and a deadline for completion. At this point, the strategic planning group needs to work with you on how exactly to communicate this information to employees and customers, and to ensure that management makes the changes. After this, a plan for monitoring the results of changes that occur will allow you to understand if the changes were effective.

If you want help with a specific area of your business, such as investments, it is beneficial to find a strategic planning group that focuses on that area of expertise. You can ask for recommendations from businesses similar to yours to find a group that will be most helpful. It is also important to meet with more than one group to compare their ideas before you commit to one in particular. Most strategic planning groups are willing to meet with you to present a plan for your organization before you decide to work with them.



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