How Do I Choose the Best Sterile Gauze?

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Determining which sterile gauze is best depends on several factors. The gauze should be manufactured in a clean facility and arrive to the consumer in packaging designed to protect it from becoming contaminated before use. Packaging for individual pieces of medical gauze should be easy to open, since this product is often used as a dressing for wounds as well as for cleaning them. The gauze should also be free from lint.

Sterile gauze is commonly found in hospitals and clinics. It is also a standard item found in first aid kits. The gauze padding is also used by dentists, who use it to absorb blood and saliva when treating a patient. Made from cotton, this is a hypoallergenic product which can be used on sensitive and irritated skin.

Medical gauze is also available in a roll, as opposed to pads. This type of sterile gauze can be wrapped around a part of the body to hold a gauze pad in place over a wound. This product may be made from a cotton and polyester blend, which increases the product's strength and allows it to stretch easily.

Before buying sterile gauze, a consumer should make a point of confirming that it was manufactured in a facility which has a clean room for this purpose. This is a space which is set up to keep contaminants to a minimum. The manufacturing process may include treating the gauze with non-chlorine bleach.


To be an effective material for cleaning or dressing wounds, sterile gauze must arrive to the consumer in an uncontaminated state and remain that way until it is ready for use. Individual blister packs are easy for medical staff or first aid providers to open before use. Some manufacturers offer sterile gauze in paper packs, which will also keep the product clean. No matter which packaging option is used, the user should make a point of examining it carefully to ensure that it hasn't been torn or broken before use.

Choosing lint-free sterile gauze is another important factor in choosing this type of product. No fibers from the gauze should come away from its surface when being used to clean a wound. When this material is used as a dressing, the best sterile gauze is one which will not cling to the wound. Instead, the patient or his or her healthcare provider should be able to remove it easily and without causing any discomfort to the patient.



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