How do I Choose the Best Step Pedometer?

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Using a step pedometer is an effective way to achieve and maintain weight loss. There are many types of step pedometers on the market, because they are popular tools. When choosing the best pedometer for your needs, you should consider how much money you want to spend, how accurate the device is and how comfortable it is to wear. All of these factors can affect how successful you are in using the pedometer.

When looking for the best step pedometer, the biggest priority should be finding one that takes accurate measurements. You can determine the accuracy of the step counter by doing a test walk. First, you should attach the device to your waistband directly above one of your knees. While walking at a relaxed pace with normal strides, take 20 steps, then stop and check the pedometer’s display. It should have registered 18-22 steps, and anything above or below that range is inaccurate.


Whether you plan on using a step pedometer for workout sessions only or throughout the day, the device should be comfortable to wear. The pedometer will usually be attached to your waistband or belt in a horizontal position directly above one knee. If you have positioned it correctly, the pedometer should be unnoticeable as you go about your activities. If you plan on wearing the step pedometer all day, make sure that it is comfortable while you are in a sitting position. Keep in mind that an uncomfortable fit might deter you from using the step pedometer.

A step pedometer is a small, electronic device that you will be wearing externally during your most active periods. Therefore, it is important to find one that is durable. They are all designed to withstand movement, but not all of them will survive a sudden fall to the ground. Be sure to choose a pedometer that securely attaches to you. A safety strap is available with some models, and it keeps the pedometer from falling to the ground if it comes free during your movement.

Although the main function of a pedometer is to keep track of how many steps you take, there are other features available. Some pedometers calculate how many calories you burn and the distance you have traveled. There are also step pedometers that can be adjusted according to your weight and the length of your stride. Advanced features like these can help you tailor your fitness plan to achieve specific goals. If you want the easiest pedometer to operate, however, you might want one with the simplest features.

Although cost might be a concern when choosing a step pedometer, you shouldn’t expect to spend a lot of money on this tool. In fact, a reliable pedometer often can be found for less than $30 US Dollars (USD). Even the most advanced step pedometers rarely cost more than $100 USD. The more features available from the pedometer, the more expensive if will be, which is why it is important to determine exactly what kind of calculations you want from the device. If you locate one that is accurate, durable and comfortable to wear, then you have found a good step pedometer.



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