How do I Choose the Best Step Aerobics Workout?

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Choosing the best step aerobics workout involves heavy consideration of an individual's physical capacity for exercise and the workout itself. Certain people benefit greater from other types of aerobic exercise and should not attempt doing step aerobics. The workout regimen, on the other hand, should fit within the individual's schedule, budget, and means of transportation, along with the routine itself. These factors help determine whether or not a step aerobics workout class provides the most value for the money.

Step aerobics is a high-energy cardiovascular workout routine that often involves an elevated platform. Exercises in the routine incorporate stepping onto the platform, using an individual's own body weight to add resistance to the workout. The pace of a step aerobics workout is often fast, so as to maximize the aerobic exercise effects in a limited amount of time. These characteristics can make the workout ill-suited for certain individuals, such as elderly people with weak bones. Some individuals will be unable to perform the routines at all, due to issues like genetic muscular dystrophy and severe obesity.

Those who are able to participate in a step aerobics workout should ideally gauge their physical fitness levels. Experts recommend that individuals severely lacking exercise take step aerobics for beginners, allowing their bodies to grow accustomed to the strain. Fitter individuals can take higher-intensity classes to improve their strength, stamina, and conditioning.

Most gyms offer several step aerobics workout classes categorized by both difficulty level and schedule. The ideal class is one that challenges the individuals physically while fitting comfortably into their schedules, requiring little to no adjustment in other activities for the day. The fees to enroll in the gym or take the class should also bear no significant strain on the individual's budget. Travel to and from the gym should never be more than a minor hassle. The workout and music involved should also ideally be enjoyable, motivating an individual to exercise on a regular basis.

Alternatively, individuals interested in a step aerobics workout can survey the community for independently-organized classes. These are usually held in a community center or in another person's home. Fees are generally cheaper than gyms, although these areas may be lacking in facilities.

Individuals can also choose to purchase home step aerobics workout systems. These usually include one or more exercise videos to demonstrate the routine, equipment needed for the workout and a safety manual on proper use and form. Provided an individual has the space needed for such a workout at home, this can prove to be the most cost-effective solution in the long term, despite a significantly higher initial investment.


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