How do I Choose the Best Social Worker Training?

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Social worker training almost always refers to training undertaken after education, usually a master’s degree, is completed. Most social workers will spend several years completing thousands of hours of paid training before they are able to get their licenses. This training could occur in many environments but the most important criterion is that it specifically follows whatever regional or area requirements will result in licensure. Without every one of the required areas fulfilled, time can be wasted and more training might be needed.

What makes up the best social worker training compliance with licensure requirements. From this point, there can be significant divergence in how people acquire that training. One recommendation is to try to find work in areas of interest. If a person will want to pursue a career as a licensed clinical social worker psychotherapist, he or she would seek work giving many opportunities to practice therapy, perhaps through a family mental health agency or a day or 24-hour mental care facility. Someone who would like to become a social worker for agencies like child protective services would want to find training of this type, and a person interested in hospital social work could look at jobs in hospitals, convalescent homes, or other care facilities.


A good goal in getting the best social working training is to gain experience in the work area a person wants to pursue. Despite this, not all fields will offer the right kinds of experience to get a license. It may be necessary to complete social worker training in more than one location, though having one job to complete all needed training is ideal. There are many part-time jobs available for people who can’t find work that will serve all licensure requirements, and these are worth investigating. It might be possible to work two part-time jobs that do meet licensing needs.

One of the key elements of most social worker training is supervised experience, and supervisors may have to be of a specific type, such as licensed therapists or other licensed clinical social workers. Sometimes people really want to take a job that doesn’t offer supervision, and one way to get needed supervision is to hire someone to give it, usually at about the same rate it would cost to pay a therapist, though this can vary. Better jobs may be ones that come with free supervision from the appropriate professionals.

Ultimately, choice of social worker training varies due to regional license requirements, and the individual interests of the social worker. Another possible factor in choice is pay, which can be high or low depending on demand for work in a specific field. Before people start searching, it’s highly recommended they familiarize themselves with all licensing requirements for their region. This can help direct search and point people to the best training opportunities. Note that many regional licensing agencies may maintain job boards, which could be of use in finding the right work.



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