How Do I Choose the Best Soap for Men?

To select the best soap for men, consider the skin type and any skin conditions of either yourself or the man for whom you're buying the soap. Pay attention to the ingredients in any products that you are considering. If you need to save money, look for a soap that can used for purposes other than body cleansing. As bars of soap can be annoying and messy, you may want to consider those varieties that are on a rope. Also remember that scent matters and that if you cannot smell the soap before making your purchase, you may want to opt against purchasing large quantities.

One of the primary factors you should consider when choosing a cleanser are any skin issues that you may have. A lot of soap for men is not the best option when dealing with conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. These conditions tend to be better handled when soap is chosen based on its ingredients rather than the sex to which it is marketed.

Even if you do not have notable skin problems, you should still consider your skin type. Many cleansers for men are harsh and may aggravate dry or acne-prone skin. In such cases, you will be best served by soaps that contain natural ingredients that will moisturize and nourish your skin, such as aloe and cocoa butter. Remember that men sometimes have sensitive skin. When this is the case, oatmeal is a good ingredient to look for in the soap you choose.

If you are looking to keep your spending on toiletries to a minimum, you should consider a multi-purpose soap for men. These products can often serve several purposes. For example, a given product may be a body wash, shampoo, and shaving foam, or it may be able to serve as both a body cleanser and a face wash. Products of this sort may be found in bar or liquid form. Unless it is deemed appropriate on the package, however, you should not use soap for men on your face.

You may find the resulting mushy residue from bars of soap to be a bit annoying. You can avoid this by getting a bar on a rope that you can hang up. When you are shopping for soap, also consider causes that you may want to support. A wide range of organizations sell cleansing products and use some or all of the proceeds for causes such as prostate cancer.

You may be tempted to buy soap for men online. Although there may be advantages to doing this, realize that scent may matter more than you think. If you buy expensive or multiple bars online and the soap does not smell the way that you imagined it would, you may find it difficult to use, or, even worse, it may be unbearable. It is best to buy a small quantity to sample initially.


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In my opinion, the best soap is organic. If you have skin irritations, oily skin, acne, etc., you will be shocked at how your problems improve when you switch to an organic soap with less harsh and irritating chemicals. My favorite is MoreNature's organic bar soap for men. I started buying "Modern Man" for my husband because he was having dry flaky skin after shaving and he has seen a huge improvement!

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