How Do I Choose the Best Small Business Promotional Ideas?

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Choosing the best small business promotional ideas is crucial to the success of your business. Thankfully, there are may different options available, and the best small businesses use a variety of marketing techniques to attract as many different customers as possible. To choose the best small business promotional ideas, it is necessary to consider how much of an advertising budget you have, as well as the best methods for reaching your targeted customer base. For instance, if your ideal customer base is young adults, newspaper advertising is probably not the best choice, and keeping these things in mind will help you to be as effective as possible with your advertising budget.

Some of the most common small business promotional ideas revolve around tried and true methods of print and media advertising. Various types of commercials, such as newspaper, magazine, television, or radio commercials can all be effective methods of marketing. However, these can get pretty expensive, and many small businesses do not have the budget to invest in these types of ads. Instead, advertising online is often a much lower cost option, sometimes even free, and can still reach a wide audience of people. Direct mailings are generally not a preferred method, but some companies boost the return on investment in this option by including a coupon for services in the mailings.


When you are choosing small business promotional ideas, another good choice is to look to your community for opportunities. Sponsoring a community event is often fairly low cost, but it provides a lot of opportunities for people in the community to see your product or brand name. Participating in festivals, street fairs, or any other local events is a great way to spread the word about your business and help people develop positive associations with your products. If it is applicable, participating in job fairs or trade shows is another great way to meet others in the local business community and make valuable contacts.

Though it may be a slower process, word of mouth and referrals from satisfied clients is another one of the most effective small business promotional ideas. Encouraging people to tell their friends about the company, or even offering a referral benefit program for customers such as a percentage discount on future purchases, is a good way to encourage this. Freely handing out business cards, as well as other branded products such as magnets or pens, can also be helpful to get your company's brand name into the customer's minds.



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