How Do I Choose the Best Slipper Chair?

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A slipper chair has a distinct look because the legs of the chair are often quite short, thereby positioning the seat low to the ground. The chair back can sometimes be quite long, though more modern designs feature shorter backs. The slipper chair is usually upholstered, though some are bare, while others only feature upholstery on the seat itself. Choosing the best chair for your living space starts with determining where you intend to use it. These chairs tend to be small and light, meaning they are versatile enough to use in various parts of the home.

It is therefore a good idea to choose a slipper chair with a design that will mesh with the overall decor of the entire house, unless you intend to keep it in one specific room. Designs range from very simple solid colors to more intricate patterns that may or may not clash with other decor throughout the house. The frame of the chair can also be made from various materials, the most common being hardwoods such as oak and mahogany. The frame material can alter the aesthetic of the chair, so be sure to consider both the upholstery and the frame when choosing a slipper chair.


Of course, the chair is useless to you if it is not comfortable. Be sure to sit in various slipper chair models to get a sense of how these chairs feel in general, then try to choose the chair that feels most comfortable to you. It is likely you will need to compromise between the chair that is most comfortable and the chair that is most attractive, though you may get lucky and find a chair that fits your aesthetic and comfort needs. If this is the case, be sure to measure the chair to ensure it is small enough or large enough to accommodate your needs, especially if the chair will be used in conjunction with a table.

Keep in mind that all slipper chair models will feature a sleek look with no arms. If you are looking for a chair with arm rests, this is probably not the best option for you; the design of the slipper chair is intended to be very simple with clean lines and an emphasis on functionality. Models without upholstery on the seat back will have an even simpler appearance that is appropriate for dining rooms or extra chairs in a living room.



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