How Do I Choose the Best Simple Butternut Squash Dishes?

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Butternut squash is a hearty, healthy vegetable that can be worked into a wide variety of quick dishes. In order to choose the best simple butternut squash recipes, look for those that contain just a few standard ingredients, utilize an easy cooking method, and can be completed in a relatively short period of time. Choosing simple butternut squash dishes, such as roasted squash, butternut soup, and squash pie, can make it easy to enjoy this deliciously nutritious squash any time.

When looking for simple butternut squash recipes, examine the accompanying ingredients. Some recipes may try to spice up the subtle flavor of the squash with the addition of exotic ingredients or spices, which may be hard to find. Squash pairs well with many common ingredients, such as apples, goat cheese, onions, and pasta. Basic pantry herbs and spices, such as black pepper, cinnamon, and sage, also can greatly enhance the flavor of squash without requiring a trip to a specialty grocery store. Choosing a simple butternut squash recipe with on-hand ingredients can make the process of preparation much easier.

A recipe that calls for five different cooking methods may be delicious, but it is usually far from simple. Look for recipes that require only a single cooking process, such as steaming, baking, or roasting, to make squash dishes faster and less complex. Even dishes that have many ingredients can be manageable if they are simple stir-fried or sauteed together in a single pot. Be sure to read every step of a recipe before beginning it, to avoid the surprise of additional cooking steps.

A simple butternut squash recipe usually takes from 10-60 minutes to make, and may require little attention during most of the cooking process. If the recipe contains few ingredients and a basic cooking method, preparation time may also be cut down, making many squash recipes great for days when time is short. Many recipes will include a time guide that lists both approximate cooking and preparation times; use these as a guideline to determine whether a recipe is suitably low-key.

Even with these restrictions, there are many delicious simple butternut squash dishes that can enhance a cooking repertoire. Roasting squash for 30 minutes with a little garlic and olive oil can bring out a smoky sweetness for an excellent side dish or main course with rice or pasta. Butternut squash soup involves pureeing cooked squash with a few other choice ingredients, such as broth, onions, and green apples, for a quick, crisp fall supper. Slice up chunks of skinned squash, then bake in the oven with salt and pepper for squash fries. For those with a blender, puree cooked squash with half-and-half, cinnamon, eggs, and nutmeg, then bake in a home-made or store-bought pie crust for an unusual variation on pumpkin pie.


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