How Do I Choose the Best Simple and Quick Hairstyles?

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To choose the best simple and quick hairstyles, consider the texture of your hair. Non-layered hairstyles may require less maintenance, although thin or fine hair may look fuller by adding a few layers. If you're a woman, your requirements may differ from that of a man when finding your perfect hair style. A man with a receding hairline may find that crew cuts or cropped styles work well. The shape of your face can also determine the most flattering hairstyle.

Before choosing a new hairstyle, consult with your hair care professional or stylist. She can help you determine which simple and quick hairstyles would work best for you. Your hair stylist can also show you pictures of several hairstyles that are easy to maintain.

If you have a round face, it's best to choose a medium to long hair style. Simple and quick hairstyles for long hair can be straight, or a few layers may be added. If your hair is curly or thick, you should avoid layering and opt for a razor cut, which may thin your unruly hair. This is a relatively easy hair style that will require nothing more than a shampoo and blow dry. If you prefer, let your hair air dry for more texture and waviness.


For hair that is slightly wavy, consider a short haircut that defines the shape of your face. The short length will require little maintenance and is ideal for those who are enjoy sports. After shampooing, add a leave-in volumizing conditioner for added texture if you prefer.

With several variations of the bob haircut to choose from, simple and quick hairstyles are more fashionable than ever. A bob hairstyle can be versatile, yet simple. The basic bob is cut short in back and slightly angled in front. This is a perfect choice if your hair is straight, and you can add blunt bangs as well. If you prefer, simply part your hair and sweep your bangs to the side. This style works well for wavy hair types as well.

Simple and quick hairstyles for long hair can be anything from a ponytail to a bun to a long braid. Wearing your long hair in a ponytail is probably the best solution for when you are rushed. With so many hair accessories available, you can color coordinate to match any outfit. For an updated look, part your hair differently and wear a sparkly new barrette or ponytail holder.



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