How do I Choose the Best Shrub Flowers?

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Shrub flowers are usually defined as either flowering shrubs that combine colorful blooms with rich green foliage, or flowers that are used as a border around decorative green shrubs. In either case, choosing the right shrub flowers is a task that requires careful consideration. In order to make the best choices, you need to consider the degree of exposure, the condition of the soil, and the mature size of the shrubs themselves.

The nutrient content of the soil in your yard plays a big role in the selection of shrub flowers. Fortunately, there are options that will work in just about any setting. If you are not familiar with how to assess the soil, contact the local agricultural office in your community. Many local and state governments operate branch offices that help people to test the soil on their property, and provide them with suggestions for plants and shrubs that will take root and thrive over time. Taking the time to make use of these services will help you avoid many landscaping mistakes that cost a lot of money in the long run.


As anyone who grows plants knows, not all shrubbery responds well to the same amount of exposure to sunlight. Some shrubs thrive in settings where they receive direct sunlight in the mornings only, while some are better suited for afternoon sun. Others do well in areas where there is shade for the majority of the day. As you consider different shrub flowers for your landscape design, go with shrub plants that respond well to the amount of direct light available in that section of your yard.

Choosing any landscape shrub involves understanding just how large the shrub can become. Ideally, you want shrub flowers that will grow to a size that works well in your landscaping and can be maintained at that size with relatively little effort. Some shrubs will grow tall enough to reach the roof of a one-story home with no effort at all. Others will grow to waist height and little more. Knowing which shrubs grow to the height you have in mind will make it much easier to select the right ones and make it easier to keep the yard design looking manicured and orderly.

There are other considerations that come into play with choosing shrub flowers. The size and color of the blooms will also figure into your selections. You may prefer shrubs with thick foliage that create a thick green background and help to call attention to the color of the blooms. Perhaps you prefer to go with shrubs that are less dense and project a more airy feeling. The good news is that you can identify different types of shrub flowers that take all these factors into consideration, and come up with a landscape design that is ideal for your property.



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