How Do I Choose the Best Shower Gel Dispenser?

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To choose the best shower gel dispenser, think about what style of dispenser you like best, how many liquids you want to be able to put in it, and what kind of features you want the dispenser to have. There are several different shapes, styles, and colors to choose from, and your personal preference, combined with the style of your bathroom, can help you pick the right one for you. Multiple compartments in a dispenser allow you to store additional liquids, which may make shower organization easier. You can also choose a dispenser with a variety of features that may make it more enjoyable for you to use.


The most common colors for a shower gel dispenser are white, chrome, and satin silver. Think about the colors that are already present in your bathroom, including the color of the fixtures in your shower, to help you pick one that will blend in well with what you already have. Dispensers vary in style from clear bottles that show the liquid inside to opaque bottles that show little to none of the liquid. A clear bottle might be right for you if you want to be able to easily see how much product you have left or if you just like to see the color of your shower gel. Be sure to consider the shape of your dispenser as well, as some have sleek modern shapes, while others have very simple, classic shapes, a choice to which personal preference will be the best guide.

Obviously, a shower gel dispenser is meant to store and dispense shower gel, but many of them have additional compartments so that you can store shampoo, conditioner, or any other liquid product all in one place. Consider how many products you use and whether you would benefit from having them all in one place and from being able to limit the number of bottles stored in your shower. Additional compartments might be especially helpful if you have very limited space in your shower. In addition to extra compartments, some dispensers have hooks, shelves, or mirrors that allow you to put even more shower items in one place. Think about how many items you ordinarily use and store in your shower and whether they could be conveniently organized into one of these systems.

You might not automatically think of a shower gel dispenser as an item that is entertaining, but some of the novelty dispensers on the market are meant to be just that. Possibly, the silliest version is shaped like a nose and dispenses the shower gel from the nostril. If that kind of novelty isn't quite right for you, you might like a dispenser that makes a pleasant chiming noise each time you push the button. Another, more practical feature, is a motion activated dispenser that allows you to dispense shower gel by simply waving your hand under the dispenser.



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