How Do I Choose the Best Self-Tanning Gel?

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Choosing the best self-tanning gel is important for achieving a natural looking glow. In most cases, it is best to find a product that is already slightly tinted to help ensure even, streak-free coverage. It is also important to pick a self-tanning gel that is appropriate for your skin tone. This will help to give you the most natural tan possible. Before you go shopping, try to read reviews on the products that you have in mind, as this will give you an idea of how dramatic the color will be and what it looks like as it fades.

Many self-tanning gels provide immediate results while applying them. As the product sinks into your skin, the tan typically becomes deeper, and reaches its full color a few hours after you use it. Choosing a self-tanning gel that is tinted can make application much easier because you will be able to tell where you may have applied the product too heavily, providing you with the opportunity to remove some before it sets. You will also be able to see any areas that you have missed or sections that may be streaky, allowing you to have a more thorough application.


When picking a self-tanner, it is important to be realistic about your skin tone. If you are very fair, it is extremely unlikely that you will find a product that will give you a very deep tan; likewise, those with naturally darker skin will not achieve dramatic results even with a tanner made for darker skin. In general, it is best to choose a product that provides a color similar to what you would get if you tanned in the sun. Those who are pale typically do best with a self-tanning gel with peach or apricot undertones, while medium and olive skin tones work best with darker, richer colors. Those who tend to look orange after using self-tanner should pick products that look slightly green in the bottle, as this helps to cancel out any redness.

Reading reviews on products before you buy them is one of the best ways to choose a self-tanning gel. Even if you find the perfect shade for your skin tone, the product itself may not be to your liking. If you only plan to use the tanner for a special occasion, it is important to know how the tan will fade from your skin. Some self-tanning gels tend to fade in splotches, which can look unsightly until the color disappears entirely. On the other hand, if you intend to use the tanner religiously, fading will most likely not be an issue.



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