How Do I Choose the Best Salon Basins?

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Among the responsibilities of owning a salon is choosing the best type of basin — an important piece of salon equipment — for your business. You first should think about whether the salon basins you need will be used for pedicures or washing hair, because these services usually require slightly different features in basins. Another decision to make is how large the basins need to be, as well as where they will go in the salon. In addition, you are encouraged to choose salon basins that will best fit the rest of the salon space when it comes to color and material.

One of the first details to consider is how you will be using your new salon basins, because there are a few types. For example, if you will be washing customers’ hair in the sink, then you might want to look for one with a spray hose attached so you can easily get the hair wet and rinsed. You also will need to decide between getting one or two faucets, which may depend on how large the basin is. If the basin will be attached to a pedicure chair, then you may want to look for one with jets and light-emitting diode (LED) lights. The jets can help customers feel more comfortable while the lights can increase your ability to see the necessary parts of the foot during the pedicure.


You also will need to consider the practical aspects of the salon basins you are considering. For instance, you will need to decide how large each basin needs to be, which typically depends on how you intend to use it and how much room you have. During this time, you may want to think about where you will place this kind of salon equipment. You can purchase a basin on its own that you can attach to a wall, or you can choose a freestanding basin that comes with its own stand and may include built-in shelves for added storage. If the basin will be used for pedicures, then you should make sure it is compatible with the pedicure chairs you have, because it needs to fit snugly at the bottom.

Just as with other salon supplies you buy, you should make sure the salon basins you want will fit in well with the other equipment. This means you may want to consider the color, because many manufacturers make basins in nearly every shade. You also need to think about the material, which should be both durable and complementary of the other types of material already present in the salon. Some common options include ceramic, acrylic and glass, all of which usually come in various colors and textures.



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