How do I Choose the Best Sales Management Jobs?

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The best sales management jobs provide opportunities for career advancement, are well compensated, and include the potential to meet with a range of different people. A sales manager is typically responsible for a team of sales staff, often within a specific geographic area or region. The primary responsibility of a sales management job is to work with current and potential clients to increase sales for the company.

In order to qualify for most sales management jobs, candidates are required to have sales experience and a successful sales track record. Most firms prefer to promote sales managers from within the firm. The primary benefit of this type of policy is the ability to evaluate staff performance directly, as well as to ensure that everyone in a sales management job is intimately familiar with the firm's products and clients.

When looking for the best sales management jobs, investigate firms with a range of products and client groups. The more diverse the product lines, the greater the opportunities for profit, regardless of the economic climate. Take the time to research the firm's history to identify areas of strength and weakness. Read the financial statements from prior years to learn more about the key products and client groups.


Talk with the human resources department about the organizational structure, and identify two levels of senior sales management positions within the firm. Look at the credentials and experience of the incumbents and think about your own skills and what is missing from your current resume. Many people take courses or participate in mentoring programs to learn the skills necessary to advance their careers to the next level.

The payment structure for sales staff is either commission or a combination of base salary and commission. At the sales management level, most firms have a compensation package that is salary based, with a bonus structure included. Depending on the sales commissions achieved, this position may represent a slight reduction in pay. However, management staff on an annual salary do not experience fluctuations in income as are common in commission-only positions.

Take the time to investigate the different industries and product lines available and think about your own interests. A sales professional can be quite successful regardless of product, but can be extremely successful if their personal interests or passions are aligned with the product. Think about your hobbies, favorite subject, or personal activities. Keep in mind that the best sales management jobs are both personally and professional satisfying.



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