How do I Choose the Best Rustic Sconces?

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One of the things you should consider when selecting rustic sconces is the material from which they are made. You might also want to think about the color and design of these wall-mounted light fixtures. Knowing whether you want to put a candle or a light bulb in the base of this item can also help you choose an appropriate sconce.

Some of the materials you might find rustic sconces to be made from include wood, wrought iron, or grape vines. They could also be made of clay or rice paper. You may even be able to find some that are constructed from two or more of these products.

These fixtures might also contain small pieces of twigs or pine cones to give them additional flair. The natural materials might be painted or unfinished. Ribbon or dried flowers might also be added to rustic sconces for a more romantic look. Inspect the room where these wall fixtures might be located and try to choose a set that is constructed of the same or similar materials.

Rustic sconces may come in earth tones, such as brown or beige. Make sure the color scheme is compatible with other accessories like lamps or drapes. You may want to consider painting these fixtures if the shade is not suitable.


This type of wall accessory normally goes well with a primitive decor. This means lodge-style wall sconces may look nice in a hunting cabin, western ranch home, or a bed-and-breakfast inn for example. The size and shape of sconces you choose could vary, however, depending on the look you are trying to obtain and the space where they might be placed.

If you plan to use your rustic sconces to hold candles, you should check to see that they set firmly in place and do not topple easily. You might also want to think about placing a glass globe over the top of it to keep nearby objects from catching on fire. Fixtures that hold light bulbs could include a globe or they could be left open, depending on your own individual taste.

With so many choices available, you might find it overwhelming to choose a pair of rustic sconces. Having an idea of what you might want to purchase can often make this process somewhat easier. After careful deliberation, you should be able to find a set of these fixtures that are the perfect match for your home or business.



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