How Do I Choose the Best round Vase?

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Choosing the best round vase depends on how large the vase needs to be, what other items it will be displayed with, and the desired material of the round vase. If just one single flower will be displayed in the vase, a small bud vase may be an excellent choice. Conversely, if the round vase will be needed to hold a large bouquet of fresh or artificial flowers, a vase with a wide mouth may be preferred.

A round vase can be made from clear glass, or made from pottery. One of the advantages of a round vase that is not transparent is that the stems of the flowers or green floral foam are not visible. Sometimes, however, transparency is preferred, especially when decorative stones have been placed in the vase. In addition, clear glass vases come in a variety of colors, so someone who prefers a clear glass vase with a splash of color can choose either pastel tones or deep, rich tones.

Many people prefer to display only plastic or unbreakable round vases, especially when small children or pets live in the home. Some decorative plastic vases are indistinguishable from glass vases, and the only way to tell the difference is to actually touch them. A plastic round vase is very durable and can typically stand up to repeated falls and other mishaps.


Different rooms in the home may call for a variety of vases. For example, the dining room table may be the perfect backdrop for a large, dramatic round vase, while the powder room may be appropriate for small round bud vases. In addition, a table in the foyer area may be great for displaying a large, dramatic vase filled with an abundance of flowers. Also, when a vase is especially ornate, it may be best left without adding flowers or plants, so that the vase's natural beauty is not over-shadowed by a busy arrangement.

Round vases are sometimes the main focal points of a room. An example of this is when one or more large floor vases are used to decorate a room. These vases are often dramatic looking and are frequently placed in various corners of a room to add elegance and character. In addition, floor vases sometimes have handles on their sides, but often they are smooth-sided, and the price of floor vases can range from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. Like table vases, floor vases can be displayed in conjunction with floral arrangements, or displayed alone.



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