How Do I Choose the Best Rosemary Chicken Marinade?

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When choosing the best rosemary chicken marinade, consider the types of ingredients you might prefer in addition to the rosemary itself. These recipes typically include some type of oil, often olive oil, and an acidic ingredient such as lemon juice. Look for recipes that include flavors that you like, such as orange zest or raspberries. It should also compliment other dishes you might have, as there are a wide range of ingredients that you can use in a marinade. There may also be commercial versions of rosemary chicken marinade that you can choose; look for ingredients in these to find complimentary flavors that you enjoy.

In general, rosemary chicken marinade is fairly simple, which allows for a great deal of variation and customization on your part as you choose one. If you are making your own marinade, then look for a recipe that includes ingredients that work well with your meal. A rosemary chicken marinade has rosemary as a primary ingredient, usually fresh, and some type of oil that acts as the primary vehicle for the various flavors in it. These two things, with a little bit of salt and pepper, may be enough for a simple marinade, though other ingredients can be used for a more interesting flavor.

A rosemary chicken marinade should have some type of acidic ingredient in it; the most common is lemon juice. If lemon is not ideal for the rest of your meal, however, then you can switch this with a different type of acid such as orange juice and zest, or even lime juice. A rosemary chicken marinade made with lime juice and cilantro can be ideal for Mexican cuisine, especially for chicken tacos or quesadillas. Look for flavor combinations in a marinade that compliment your other dishes, and experiment with different ingredients like wine or other fruits, such as raspberries or kiwi.

You can also choose a commercial brand of rosemary chicken marinade to use, instead of making your own version. As you consider a manufactured marinade, look for the other ingredients that are included in the mixture and their prominence in the ingredient list to have a sense of what flavors may manifest in the marinade. Acidity from citrus is quite common, as are preservatives, though you may be able to find a rosemary chicken marinade with other fruits and ingredients like garlic and onion. Taste the marinade before you use it, and consider making changes to it so that it better suits your tastes and the overall theme of your meal.


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