How do I Choose the Best Rosacea Cleanser?

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Choosing the best rosacea cleanser means finding a cleanser that is mild, helps to soothe redness and inflammation in the skin, and also helps to address one's other skin issues such as acne, dryness, or excessive oil. Cleansers that are quite strong or include exfoliants may cause irritation in skin affected by rosacea and cause the problem to worsen. As such, it is best to search for products that are specifically for sensitive skin or are considered to be very mild. Cream cleansers and cold creams, for example, are usually quite mild and can help to cleanse the skin without causing additional redness or irritation.

One may also try a product that is specifically defined as a rosacea cleanser. There are a number of products on the market that can be used to cleanse skin affected by rosacea, but this kind of product is formulated specifically for people who are suffering from rosacea. These sorts of products often include ingredients that help to manage inflammation in the skin which, in turn, can also help to reduce redness in the skin.


In addition to searching for a rosacea cleanser that can help to manage one's rosacea, it is also important to make sure that the product helps to manage any other skin conditions that one is experiencing. Rosacea cleanser is usually effective for people with dry skin as it is a gentle product that may even add hydration to the skin. Those who have oily skin and rosacea should search for a rosacea cleanser that effectively balances the amount of oil on one's face without causing additional irritation. Some products for oily skin can be a bit harsh and a therefore not appropriate for people with rosacea. Some people who have rosacea also have acne, so it is important to find a rosacea cleanser that will help to heal blemished and curb future breakouts while also relieving the symptoms of rosacea.

There are a number of natural products that are used to help calm the skin. Chamomile, feverfew, aloe, and some kinds of algae are used in gentle cleansers that help to remove dirt and oil from the skin while also soothing the skin. For those who want the added benefit of these ingredients, consider using a lotion that includes these ingredients after thoroughly cleaning the skin with rosacea cleanser. Some may also benefit from using facial masks that include these soothing ingredients.



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I've also been trying many different cleansers to over the years for my rosacea. I think calming cleansers and cleansers for sensitive skin are best for rosacea. They don't aggravate my skin and do help with the redness.

I have acne and rosacea, so it's an extra challenge to find a cleanser that will help with both of these condition. I've been having good results with several cleansers, all from higher-end skin care companies and made for sensitive skin.

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@simrin-- I tried it once and it was horrible. It made my skin dry out so much. I can't use anything that's drying because it makes my rosacea worse.

Right now, I'm using a gentle, and moisturizing liquid facial cleanser that I got from the pharmacy. This cleanser is very mild, it doesn't have any harsh chemicals in it and it's hypoallergenic. It has been working great.

Also beware of face products that say "anti-redness" or something similar on the label. I tried several of these products and they did absolutely nothing, they were also drying.

So don't get lured by labels that target rosacea sufferers. Look at the ingredients list, that will give you the best idea about the product.

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Has anyone tried sulphur soap as a facial cleanser for rosacea? Does it work well?

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