How do I Choose the Best Rope Hammock?

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When you choose your new rope hammock, consider the material it is made from. Whatever material your rope hammock is constructed of will have some advantages and disadvantages. Also, consider how much weight it will hold and who will be using it. Some hammocks come equipped with a stand, so you may wish to consider that option as well.

When choosing your rope hammock, keep in mind whether you will be using it outdoors. If so, choose a material that will withstand the elements and not be subject to mold or mildew. Cotton, though comfortable, is unfortunately difficult to keep mildew-free. Rain, moisture, and humidity may increase the probability of your rope hammock becoming damaged by mildew.

Polyester is resistant to mildew and mold and it is also more durable than cotton, therefore it will last longer and won't easily rip or tear. This is an ideal choice for material to be used outdoors. If, however, you will set your new hammock indoors, cotton will be comfortable and serve you will.

A hammock may come in various sizes to accommodate different needs. Make your selection based upon who will be using it. For one-person use, a standard size should suffice, but be sure to check weight limitations. Perhaps you will want your rope hammock to accommodate you and a partner, or one adult and a child. Some hammocks can support up to three or even four adults, although these will take up a lot of space.


One thing not to be overlooked is the space allotted for the hammock you choose. If you have minimal space to work with, don't choose a rope hammock that will not fit the designated area. It's best to take measurements of the area in which you intend to place your hammock before you shop.

If you're purchasing your hammock in person from a store, test it out. Just as you would do before selecting a new mattress, lie down on the hammock. You'll know you're getting the best rope hammock by the way it feels when you lie on it. Move around and try a few positions. If you feel it is not supporting your weight or sags to one side, this may not be the best choice.



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